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Duties of the 21st Century Library Board


Presenter: Pat Wagner, Siera Learn

Library boards, whether appointed or elected, advisory or governing, have oversight over the director, as well as approve of the budget, the strategic plan, and the policies. Micromanagement is a mistake, as well as what we call the “captive board”, which does nothing. So what are the duties of the library board and its members in relationship to directors, staff, volunteers, and the greater community?


Wisconsin Trustees: You Ask, We'll Answer


Panelists: Mark Arend, Assistant Director of the Winnefox Library System, Krista Ross, Director of the Southwest Wisconsin Library System, John Thompson, Director of the Indianhead Federated Library System

Unsure of how library systems function in Wisconsin? Confused on how Chapter 43 affects libraries? Three panelists will be available to discuss frequently asked questions of Wisconsin library trustees. Their combined experiences of trustee training and years of leadership will shed some light on even the most confusing topics. Whether you are a seasoned library trustee or a newcomer, this is a great opportunity to get your questions answered and be part of a worthwhile discussion.

Library Evaluations: Community Involvement, On-going Improvement, Results!


Presenter: Gail Santy, Outreach Services Consultant for Central Kansas Library System in Great Bend, KS

Go beyond your strategic plan and learn how to conduct a library evaluation to help you improve your library. Every library needs a road map to steer you successfully toward your destination, and that’s exactly what a thorough library evaluation does. Learn how to recruit Library Trustees, Friends, staff, and community members to help you subjectively look at everything in your library from technology, ADA compliance, policies, building condition, library layout, and signage by using the provided checklists, handouts, and additional tools. Gather ideas to use the resulting evaluation document for local advocacy, to leverage funding, and to improve the look and feel of the library.

A New Vision: Why Wisconsin Needs Libraries More Than Ever


Presenter: Valerie Gross, President and CEO of Howard County Library System, Columbia, MD

Looking for a session that will make you think? “Libraries=Education.” Libraries adopting this approach enjoy heightened respect and optimal funding, because they are not accorded the same enduring worth assigned to other educational institutions. Dispelling all misperceptions, “Libraries=Education” will reposition your library as a key component of Wisconsin’s education enterprise. The best part? Implementing the strategy is simple. It does not require changing anything we do – only what we say. Library Journal hails this approach “a 21st-century model worthy of study and consideration by every library in America, if not the world.” (Library Journal, June 2013).



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Starting or Revitalizing a Friends Group


Presenter: Sally Gardner Reed, Executive Driector, United for Libraries

Friends groups are invaluable to libraries by raising money and advocating for them. These groups are comprised of volunteers who want nothing other than a great library! Sally Gardner Reed will talk about how to start a Friends group, how to revitalize the one you have – especially if you feel your group is “aging out” – and will throw in some great fundraising ideas from across the country along the way.