Trustee Training Week 2023

Planning is underway for the 10th Annual TTW. Plan to join us August 21 - 25 for a week's worth of webinars.

Looking for last year's webinars? Visit the Archive for access to the recordings, slides, and handouts for all past webinars.

2023 Schedule

No More Neutral: How to Use Marketing to Position Your Library in Challenging Times

Monday, August 21

Presenter: Angela Hursh

On top of everything else they need to do, libraries increasingly find themselves at the center of controversy. The American Library Association reports a substantial increase in the number of book bans and challenges in 2022 (double the number of reports from 2021). Oftentimes, the library’s efforts to create collection and service policies that fulfill its mission statement of inclusion are the focus of these challenges. These attacks cost money, lower morale, and reduce productivity amongst the staff. They also threaten the very existence of libraries. But libraries do have some power, and it comes in the form of promotion. In this session, you’ll learn marketing tactics you can use now to clarify your library’s policies, solidify your library’s positions, and clearly communicate your mission, vision, and values. And you’ll hear tactics to use to rally community and stakeholder support if your library should face such a challenge.

Three learning outcomes:

  • Concrete tips for strengthening the public’s perception of libraries now, including tips on how to promote their mission, vision, and values, the policies they create to protect intellectual freedom, and their place in the community as a safe and welcoming space.
  • Marketing strategies for handling a censorship challenge, including strategies for responding to statements from critics via email, social media, and in the press.
  • Promotional ideas designed to rally library supporters to their defense.

Wisconsin Library Law

Tuesday, August 22

Presenter: Kris Turner

Reading and understanding laws and regulations can be daunting, even more so when you are a trustee or on a library board. This session will focus on demystifying the law and focus on specific statutes and cases that affect Wisconsin libraries as well as a discussion of how to best answer legal questions when they inevitably arise. Topics covered include open meeting laws, statutory delegation of library board authority, basics of legal research, and more. When the session has concluded, you will be able to better locate and answer legal questions that you may face as a library board member and also know what resources are available to you to get these difficult and stressful questions answered.

LGTBQ-Inclusive Trusteeship

Thursday, August 24

Presenter: Ray Lockman

Ray Lockman (they/them) will equip Wisconsin trustees and library directors to be queer- and trans-inclusive advocates for their library communities. Participants will learn helpful language and practical tips before we put our new skills to work by grappling with tough real-world scenarios.

Elected Officials are People, Too.

Friday, August 25

Presenter: Lori Fisher