Trustee Training Week 2019

Thank you for joining us for Trustee Training Week 2019. We'll see you next summer!

Trustee Training Week 2019 Presentations

Governing Libraries that Inspire Investment

Monday, August 12

Presenter: Rebekkah Smith Aldrich

A primary role of the board is to secure adequate funding for the library. Making the case for funding and inspiring stakeholders to invest in your library has never been more critical. With fierce competition for public and private funds and changing perceptions about what a library actually does, it has never been more important to talk about the essential nature of your library to those you serve to those who make funding decisions about your library. During this webinar you will receive an introduction to the basic building blocks that need to be in place to inspire investment of funding and good will into your library and get a front row seat to some of the latest thinking in the profession on how to ensure your library's future in an uncertain world.  

Free is Key: Ensuring Your Library is Meeting its Mission

Tuesday, August 13

Presenter: Dawn Wacek

Join Dawn Wacek for a discussion of your library's mission and how fine policies may be working against you!  Learn the ins and outs of going fine free and what library research and best practice recommendations show about the benefits of making your collection more accessible.

Effective Library Advocacy

Wednesday, August 14

Presenter: Connie Meyer and Kathy Pletcher

We are excited to share some advice for effective library advocacy with Library Development & Legislation Committee (LD&L) Co-Chairs Connie Meyer and Kathy Pletcher. Covering everyday advocacy to decision-makers and stakeholders as well as Library Legislative Day, hear tips on who to talk to, when, and how from our presenters.  

What Does Inclusivity Look Like at Your Library?

Thursday, August 15

Presenter: Shauna Koszegi

What does inclusive mean to your library and its daily operations? Is your library inclusive? Join Shauna Koszegi, Adult Services Librarian from the Sun Prairie Public Library, as she gives you an overview of the newly released Inclusive Services Assessment and Guide. This guide will help you reflect on how your library can be a place where everyone feels safe, welcome and respected.

Recruiting and Retaining Library Directors and Staff

Friday, August 16

Presenter: Pat Wagner

Expectations are changing when it comes to how long library directors (and other library employees) stay at one job. How can library boards attract and retain quality leadership and personnel in a competitive market? What is the New Normal in terms of director recruitment? Topics include improving board-director relations, reviewing finances and job descriptions, investing in support for better salaries and benefits, setting realistic goals, and being better talent scouts for future hires.