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Patty Collins; Gail Santy; Maribeth Shafer

Library Consultants

Patty Collins has served Kansas Libraries for more than 25 years in various capacities from story lady to school librarian to assistant director. As a Consultant for the Central Kansas Library System she assists small libraries with all aspects of library service including policy, collection and programming. Collins vehemently represents the interests of youth and supports equal access to library materials for users of all ages.

Gail Santy is the director of the Central Kansas Library System, which serves 54 public libraries and 27 school districts. Gail is also the director of the Great Bend Public Library. Gail believes magic can happen when trustees and library staff work together.

Maribeth Shafer is a public library consultant serving 17 counties in central Kansas, providing training on librarianship, Kansas library law, responsibilities and roles of a trustee, continuing education, best practices and library skills. As a library consultant, she understands the dedication and energy it takes to make a library great.