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Trustee Training Week 2024

This year's Trustee Training Week will be held from August 19 - August 23. More information and registration coming soon!

Looking for past webinars? Visit the Recording & Resources section for access to the recordings, slides, and handouts.

Everything You Want to Know About Book Challenges...and a Bit You Probably Don't

Presenter: Tasslyn Magnusson

Join your fellow Wisconsin library trustees and catch up on the news in book reconsideration policies, challenges, and weathering this unprecedented time for libraries across the country. Webinar participants will review some of the latest information and trends on book challenges and attacks on libraries and librarians and, most importantly strategies for preparing for and managing if (when) these challenges come to your library.


Wisconsin Library Law

Presenter: Kris Turner

Reading and understanding laws and regulations can be daunting, even more so when you are a trustee or on a library board. This session will focus on demystifying the law and focus on specific statutes and cases that affect Wisconsin libraries as well as a discussion of how to best answer legal questions when they inevitably arise. Topics covered include open meeting laws, statutory delegation of library board authority, basics of legal research, and more. When the session has concluded, you will be able to better locate and answer legal questions that you may face as a library board member and also know what resources are available to you to get these difficult and stressful questions answered.

To help Kris target his presentation, we created a short survey to gather input on Wisconsin library legal topics of interest to you. Thank you!

Making Each Other Look Good: The Library Board and the Library Director

Presenter: Jamie LaRue

In an ideal world, board and director are on the same page regarding values, vision, and goals. All too often, that relationship breaks down. Communication fails among board members; expectations of the director are not conveyed or are conveyed poorly. The director fails to notify the board of key issues or projects. How can board members and directors build a stronger and more positive communication infrastructure? While this webinar focuses mostly on board and directors, any staff member interested in the larger dynamics of this relationship may find the session illuminating. 

Organization and Governance Best Practices for Boards

Presenter: Charity Tyler

A well-defined set of organizational and governance standards and best practices help boost board efficiency and performance, engage current board members, cultivate volunteers and future leaders, and create a positive board culture. Learn the difference between bylaws and operational standards and what belongs in each along with tips for a regular review of both. Learn how to evaluate your current committee structure, determine the needs of your organization, and implement change for increased engagement and improved efficiency and outcomes.

Robert's Rules Refresher

Presenter: Thomas Pugh

Whether you’re new to the library board or a long-time member, knowing Robert’s Rules can help your meetings run smoothly and efficiently. This Robert’s Rules refresher will cover some basic parliamentary procedures like consent agendas, making motions, quorums, closed sessions, and more. To help Thomas prepare for the webinar, we want your questions about Robert’s Rules and parliamentary procedure. Please take a few moments to share your questions in this short survey.